Adding a Second Shooter onto your Wedding Package? Here's what you need to know!

I have photographed weddings with and without a second photographer and while I am more than comfortable photographing weddings solo, I love having a second photographer to help out and get photos from a different perspective:) If you're unsure whether you'll need two wedding photographers, let me help you make an educated choice!!

1.) If you and your partner are getting ready at different locations. As much as I wish I could be, I can’t be in two places at once. Having a second photographer is SUPER helpful so I can be with the bride and the second photographer can be with the guys while everyone is getting ready. This GREATLY relieves any stress about not knowing if you're going to have enough time to get photos of both of you getting ready and traveling back & forth.

2.) A second photographer can focus on getting the groom’s reaction while you walk down the aisle so I can focus on you!!

3.) If you’re having a big wedding (100+ guests) having a second photographer is really useful to help coordinate family members for family photos and photographing your family’s reactions during your ceremony, dances and speeches while my camera is on


4.) A second shooter provides a different perspective during your couple’s portraits which means we can capture more amazing shots.

5.) Two photographers means more photos in your final gallery;)

So... How do Second Shooters Work?

Who finds the second shooter? I find and hire the second shooter! There are several wedding photographers in the area that I know and love! I will get in contact with them and hire one that is also available your date and whose style is very similar to mine!

What happens to the second shooter's photos? I give the second photographer a few on my own SD cards to put into their cameras at the start of the day! Then I collect the SD cards at the end of the night. I edit their photos with the ones that I took on your wedding day so they match and blend in seamlessly;)

Who pays the second shooter? I will add the second shooter fee onto your invoice so you can pay it all from one place. I will pay the second shooter once I receive your payment!

Still don’t know if you want to add on a second photographer or not?

Send your photographer [ me;) ] a message and we can go through your timeline and photo goals to see what is the best decision for YOUR wedding!!