Should I do a First Look?

Trying to decide between doing a first look or seeing each other for the first time at the altar? My answer to this differs for each couple and wedding! Here are some pros and cons:

Here are some reasons why you SHOULD do a first look:

1.) Emotions can FULLY be felt! With first looks, it is only you, you're soon to be husband and your photographer. Sometimes (but not always!!) seeing each other for the first time at the altar, you naturally could feel more reserved with your emotions (crying) because there are a ton of friends and family's eyes on you!!

2.) Time of year. If your wedding is in the colder months when we don't have a lot of daylight and we wait until after the ceremony for photos, the sun has already gone down. You will miss out on those gorgeous sunny and bright photos for your couple's portraits and family photos! After dark flash photos can be so fun but you probably don't want your entire wedding album to be photos taken after dark.

3.) You want to be at your cocktail hour! Cocktail hours are usually the time that the bride and groom take their couple's portraits done along with family and wedding party photos. If you do a first look, you can get all of your couple's portraits and possibly even the wedding party and family photos out of the way before the ceremony! Leaving you a ton of time to spend time with your guests.

Now here are some reasons why you SHOULDN'T do a first look:

1.) You want that traditional and grand "See Her For the First Time Walking Down The Aisle" moment! It is such an iconic moment and if you and your husband have your heart set on seeing each other for the first time walking down the aisle, GO FOR IT!!

2.) You are have an early afternoon ceremony. If you are having your ceremony early in the afternoon, you would probably end up doing your first look around noon which is when the sun is the highest. Taking your couple's portraits at this time can leave harsh shadows, squinting eyes and limit where you can take your photos because harsh shadows on your face and your eyes half closed because its so bright outside is a no no.

3.) You would prefer to relax and spend quality time alone with your new spouse during cocktail hour! If you wait to see each other for the first time at the altar, cocktail hour is the time when guests can mingle while you both head off with your photographer to do your couples portraits. Giving time to soak up a few moments with just the two of you before partying the night away with friends and family!!

Still in doubt and undecided? Chat with your wedding planner and photographer! Both are vendors that will be with you the entire day and can help you decide which would be the most special for the two of you while also making sure the day and timeline still runs smoothly.